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Georgia Commercial Truck Accident – Personal Injury Lawyer

Trucks and other commercial vehicles have additional regulations that they have to comply with. And that’s because, quite frankly, they’re just bigger vehicles. You’re more likely to get severely injured or killed if you get hit by an 18-wheeler than if you get hit by a passenger car. Knowing how to litigate a case against a commercial vehicle or an 18-wheeler or a truck is incredibly important in terms of being able to get the maximum recovery for our clients because those commercial vehicles are more likely to kill you.

And so, it’s very important to hire us to handle a case like that, because we have the experience and knowing how to go after those trucking companies, and show that maybe the maintenance wasn’t done on the truck, or maybe that the driver had been required to drive too many hours consecutively before the wreck occurred. We represented a woman who was driving down a two-lane road and got rear-ended by an 18-wheeler.

The impact caused her vehicle to leave the road, and she flipped three times. She was injured. She went to the hospital. When we presented that case to the insurance company, their initial offer to settle that case was $5,000. We were ultimately able to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars for that client. Whatever defense the insurance lawyer comes up with, we’re ready for it. We love fighting for our clients. At The Claiborne Firm, we litigate the cases that matter most.


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