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Georgia Car Accident Attorney – Who Is At Fault?

In most car wreck cases, law enforcement responds, and they will assign responsibility, or fault, for that accident when they do their investigation. Most of our clients come to us after that investigation has already been performed by law enforcement. It’s helpful if law enforcement has determined that the other side is responsible for the wreck, but we’ve had cases before where law enforcement either couldn’t figure out what happened or got it wrong.

A lot of times, at a car wreck, the other side lies to the police officer, and says, “Oh, I wasn’t at fault. I didn’t do that,” and sometimes they fool the police officer. And so that officer either doesn’t assign fault or even says that our client is at fault. That’s why we do our investigations into cases to show what happened because when the other side lies, that’s not the end of your case. We can bring that into a courtroom, in front of a jury, and when the jury sees that the other side lied, that’s when you get justice from that jury.

So even if you’re partially at fault for an auto accident, sometimes the other side is more at fault, we can get you compensation for your medical bills, your pain and suffering, your lost wages, and things like that.

It’s our job at The Claiborne Firm to maximize the recovery that you get from the insurance company. We’ve got a track record of doing it for our clients, and we will do it for you.


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