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Key Evidence to Collect in a Georgia Car Accident

Immediately after you’ve been hurt, it’s important to document what’s happened. Photographs from a hospital, from an emergency room, can be incredibly powerful. So we encourage all of our clients to contact us as soon as possible, but then also immediately start documenting what went on because while the bruises and the injuries are going to heal over time, it’s important to be able to show a jury exactly what you looked like laying in that hospital bed. Once we file a lawsuit on your behalf in a personal injury case, we have the opportunity to force people to testify under oath and testify truthfully. So we’ll issue subpoenas and bring people in for depositions to document what happened. We’ll send subpoenas to the defendants to get the information that they have. If it’s a truck wreck, we’ll get the logs from the truck, if it’s a car wreck, we’ll get the black box information, and we’ll use that formal discovery process to build up your case brick by brick, step by step.

We perform our investigation into every single case that we have. We go out to the scene of the accident, we’ll document the condition of the intersection or the road to be able to preserve that evidence, to ultimately bring it into a courtroom to show a jury what happened. In some cases, we end up having to hire an expert witness to do an accident reconstruction, to show where the vehicles were. And they’ll do things like measure skid marks and determine how fast the cars were going and things like that, to really paint the picture for that jury because the insurance company is going to try to say that their driver wasn’t at fault. Time and time again, in my law practice, I’ve had clients come to me who was represented by a high-volume law firm, and they weren’t getting the attention their case deserved and needed. When you call The Claiborne Firm, you get individual attention. You’re not just a number.


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