Significant Divorce Settlement

Family law matters can be dragged out for years or settled quickly.  In some cases, there will be something embarrassing that the opposing side does not want the public to know about.  This happened in a case when the Claiborne Firm defended a woman that had a husband who was having an affair, which led to his mistress becoming pregnant.  This gentleman had promised to marry his mistress before the baby was born even though he was married to our client.

In this situation, using time was to our advantage because the more that we waited, the more willing this gentleman would be willing to settle.  Fortunately, this strategy worked and he was quick to settle just 3 weeks before the baby was born. Obtaining the absolute best outcome may require waiting things out, which may not seem ideal but it can have a major impact if planned correctly. Most divorce cases don’t go to trial. They settle somewhere along the line. The question is just figuring out what the right way is to get the case resolved where our client gets what they are entitled to.

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