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Savannah Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Getting a divorce is never easy, even when it’s uncontested. Going through the process is painful, and it takes work even if there are no contested issues to resolve. If you’re going through a divorce, you’re probably dealing with many intense emotions as well as concern or fear around the outcome of the proceedings. At The Claiborne Firm, we want you to know that getting divorced doesn’t mean you’ll lose everything. There is hope for a favorable outcome.

Using mediation, also known as alternative dispute resolution, to resolve a divorce often works well in uncontested or contested divorces, especially those that involve children. We want our clients to get the results they deserve without a heated battle. Being able to attend family events where your former spouse will also be in attendance, especially milestones like graduations and weddings, is important, and we want that level of comfort for our clients. We work hard to preserve the parent-child relationship and mutually resolve divorces while minimizing conflict.

As a boutique firm, we keep our caseloads low so that we can give each client the attention they deserve. A divorce may be one of the most emotional things anyone can go through, and you don’t have to do it alone. We are here to support you through this trying time.

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

In an uncontested divorce, both parties have already agreed on four major areas of contention:

  • • Custody of children
  • • Child support payments
  • • Alimony payments
  • • Distribution of assets

If there is disagreement on these issues, the divorce is termed “contested.”

What is the Cost and Length of Time of an Uncontested Divorce?

The length of time and cost of a divorce depends on a lot of factors. Uncontested divorces generally take less time and cost less than divorces where issues are contested. At The Claiborne Firm, we’re known for finding creative solutions to challenging cases. We can find ways to reach an agreement without sacrificing the things you want.


Uncontested Versus Contested

Even if you’re in agreement with your spouse about the four major areas of a divorce, retaining legal counsel is advised. Your lawyer can review the agreement, suggest any changes, and finalize and file all of the paperwork.

Your divorce may start out contested, but that can always change. Having an experienced attorney supporting you and looking out for your best interests is important.

What Makes the Claiborne Firm Different?

The individual attention we give each client makes us a valuable ally in uncontested divorces. We intentionally limit the number of cases we take on in order to give each client the attention they deserve. We’re not afraid of a fight, but we know how to amicably reach compromises so that both parties walk away satisfied.

If you are going through an uncontested divorce, contact us to schedule a no-obligation case evaluation today, or call us at (912) 351-8775.

Uncontested Divorce Consolation Fee

If you are looking to begin the uncontested divorce process, do not hesitate to connect with our lawyers to setup a consultation.

We have a consultation fee for the initial appointment that will combine with our fees if you decide to have us represent you. The consultation is usually one hour long where you tell us everything that you can about what’s going on and we then come up with a strategic defense for your uncontested divorce case.  Because of COVID, we are having these secure and private consultations online.

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