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Any damage to your spine or associated nerves is considered a spinal cord injury. A spinal cord injury can permanently impact your health and mobility, causing loss of strength, motor function, and feeling below the point of impact. These types of injuries can occur as a result of slips, trips, and falls as well as vehicle accidents and a number of other traumas.

Suffering from a spinal cord injury can be not only physically traumatic, but it can also cause emotional and psychological pain. Life-threatening accidents are scary, and recovery is not always easy, but you don’t have to go through it alone. At the Claiborne Firm, we can take on the burden of fighting for your financial health while you focus on rehabilitating your physical health.

Get started now by taking some critical steps to protect your financial recovery and increase your chance of receiving the settlement you deserve.

  1. 1) See a Doctor Immediately

Your health should be your first concern. Visit your doctor so they can evaluate your injuries. Make a list of your symptoms, including any trouble with mobility or pain. Tell your doctor about any symptoms you’re experiencing. Spinal cord injuries are among the most complex injuries doctors treat, so make sure your doctor knows everything you are going through.

  1. 2) Hire An Attorney That You Trust To Deal With Insurance Claims

Allowing an attorney to deal with the insurance company will protect your rights and the results of your settlement. Don’t give a formal statement to your insurance without seeking counsel first. That said, you don’t want to delay your claim. Waiting even a few days to file a claim to your insurance can result in issues.

  1. 3) Keep Records and Collect Evidence

Write down everything you can recall about the accident, and start a daily journal recording of any pain, discomfort, or mobility issues you might have. Record how the injury affects you as well as all expenses you incur. These details may be difficult to remember later. Keeping a daily log can help ensure you get the maximum settlement.

Spinal Cord Injuries and Compensation

Spinal injuries can be catastrophic and life-changing, and courts recognize that when determining settlements. You could be compensated for significant financial damages, including:

  • • Medical bills – Any medical expenses related to your injury, including the cost of surgery and necessary equipment, both past and future.
  • • Diminished quality of life – Permanent injury can change your life significantly, and the court may order compensation for loss of enjoyment.
  • • Emotional pain – Both your accident and your recovery can be traumatizing, causing lasting emotional suffering.


Don’t Believe What You See on TV

Bigger law firms spend a lot of money advertising and take on cases in high volumes. If you want an attorney who will represent your best interests, think twice before hiring one who advertises heavily. They may say they’ll resolve your claims quickly, but that means they could act too fast, missing elements of your case that could lead to larger compensation.

At the Claiborne Firm, we intentionally limit our caseloads so that we can give each client ample attention. We don’t advertise because we don’t need to. We’re not interested in taking on a large number of cases because we only take cases that matter, then we put the time in to fight hard for our clients, developing creative strategies and arguments that evoke an emotional response. As a result, we have a proven track record of achieving substantial settlements.

The Importance of Preparation and Timing

Preparation and timing are key in injury cases. Being more prepared than the insurance companies and their attorneys is what wins cases. Filing claims quickly also leads to more success later. Don’t wait to find an attorney to represent you.

The Claiborne Firm Difference

At the Claiborne Firm, each client gets individual treatment. We fight hard by thinking outside the box, using the media when necessary, and never shying away from a fight.

Be warned: the only thing insurance adjusters are interested in is undermining your claim and minimizing your pain. We will hold them accountable in court and get you the compensation that you need and deserve.

If you’ve been in an accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury, contact the Claiborne Firm for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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