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How Long Does a Georgia Divorce Take Laws

Everyone who hires us to represent them in a divorce case wants to know, “How long is this going to take? How soon can I get out of this?” The answer in Georgia is that the fastest that we can get you divorced is 45 days. If the parties agree, and we’re able to write up the paperwork, then we can run the case through in about 45 days. For complicated cases where folks are going to litigate over issues of property division, or particularly in custody cases, it can take significantly longer than that. You win a family law case by the other side wanting the case to be over before your client does. And there are a lot of different ways that that’s accomplished. Sometimes somebody will have done something embarrassing, and they don’t want that to come out in public, so then they want to settle the case with my client.

I had one case one time, where a guy had gotten his mistress pregnant, and he had promised her that he would marry her before the baby was born. But the problem was he’s still married to my client. So we knew that the more and more we waited, the more and more motivated he would be to settle the case with our client, and lo and behold, about three weeks before that baby was due, we finally got a good resolution of that case for the client.

Most divorce cases don’t go to trial. They settle somewhere along the line. The question is just figuring out what the right way is to get the case resolved where our client gets what they’re entitled to as soon as they possibly can.


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