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Georgia Personal Injury – Lost Wages

All right. So let’s talk about lost wages. If you’ve been injured and had to miss work, that costs you money, and we will seek to recover what you’ve lost in terms of your income. Even if you’ve used vacation days or sick days, those have value. And so we will get your compensation to include those lost wages. In some of our cases, unfortunately, our clients have been injured in a way that’s going to be permanent, and that can lead to future lost wages or not being able to perform your job anymore. Those future lost wages have significant value. And so we will seek to recover not only the wages that you’ve already lost but what you’re going to lose going forward. Those wages have a lot of different parts to them too, contributions to retirement accounts, benefits, health insurance, and we want to make sure to get every bit of recovery that you’re entitled to.

At the Claiborne Firm, we have decades of experience in handling personal injury cases. Having an experienced attorney fighting for you is critical in getting money out of an insurance company. They don’t want to pay you. You need an experienced lawyer to force them to pay you.


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