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Here’s how insurance defense lawyers defend these cases. The first thing they say is, “Well, we didn’t do anything wrong. Our client didn’t do anything wrong.” And then you show them that their client did. So then the second thing they fall back to is, “Well, we didn’t do anything wrong, but even if we did do something wrong, it didn’t hurt your client.”

So you show them, yes, you did something wrong and yes, you did hurt my client. And then the next thing they say is, “Well, all right, but your client’s not as hurt as your client claims.” They always try to say that our clients are exaggerating their injuries. Like our clients woke up that morning wanting to be a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit.

So then we show them that yes, their client did something wrong. Yes, they hurt our client. Yes, our client is hurt just as badly as they’re saying that they are. And the last thing they fall back to is they try to say our clients are bad people.

We love fighting for our clients because our clients deserve every bit of compensation possible and these insurance defense lawyers will stop at nothing to try to prevent our clients from getting a recovery. We were ready for it. We love fighting for our clients. I don’t understand how those defense lawyers wake up every morning and drive into the office. What they do is so wrong, so heartless, and quite frankly, in my view, so immoral. I don’t know how they motivate themselves to go to work but I know how I motivate myself. It’s to fight for my clients, to get my clients justice.


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