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Georgia Divorce Settlement Mediation Laws

In Georgia in divorce cases, it’s required that you go to mediation and that’s a great place to get a case resolved. And if you do reach an agreement at mediation for your divorce, it gets written up into a separation agreement, which ultimately becomes a court order. In Georgia, mediation is mandatory in divorce cases, but even if it wasn’t, I would recommend it to all my clients. It’s a great way to get your case resolved a lot more efficiently and for a lot less cost, and hopefully preserving the relationship with your co-parent going forward if you have children together. In Georgia, statistically, most divorce cases ended up settling instead of having a final contested hearing. We always try to get our clients the result that they’re entitled to by settlement first, but if it needs litigation, we’ll do that.

When I was right out of law school, I worked for a firm that handled just too many cases and I didn’t feel like it allowed me to be the sort of lawyer for my clients that I wanted to be. And so when I started my law firm, the first thing that I did was put my cell phone number on my business card and that’s built into the DNA of our firm.


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