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Georgia Divorce Custody Modification Laws

Once custody has been determined in Georgia, you can modify it. And what needs to be shown there is that something has changed that affects the health, welfare, and wellbeing of the children, so that it would be beneficial or better for them to live in a house of the other parent.

There is no time limit in Georgia to modify custody. You can go back as soon as a change in circumstances happens. The short way that I say it to clients is you never know when somebody is going to get a crack habit. And so if that happens immediately after a divorce, you can turn around and ask a court to change the custodial arrangement.

I had a client hire me, and he was concerned about the safety of his kids because unfortunately, his former wife was an alcoholic. We were able to hire a private investigator to follow her and document what was going on. And ultimately because of our private investigator’s work, she ended up being arrested for a DUI with the kids in the car. We were able to immediately get him custody of those kids and the protection that they needed.

Since we handle fewer cases at The Claiborne Firm, it gives us the time and the resources to be able to pay close attention, and come up with the best and creative solutions to resolving those cases.


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