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Georgia Divorce and Business Assets Laws

Because of our experience in handling family law cases for over 15 years, at the firm, we’re able to handle complicated cases, particularly financially complicated cases.

One of the things that come up in a lot of our divorce cases are valuing businesses. Somebody will be involved in a family-run business or something like that, and they’re going to end up getting a divorce, which means that one of the two of them is not working in that business anymore. And so, knowing how to value those businesses and get the right number put on there is incredibly important; both for the person who’s going to continue with the business, but also for the person who’s being bought out.

I had a case, this was several years ago, where I represented a woman, she got a divorce from her husband. And about five years later, I got a call from that ex-husband, our client’s ex-husband called up. And I said, “You know I can’t talk to you.” He goes, “No, no, no, no, no, no. It doesn’t have to do with-” my former client. He said, “I got remarried a few years ago, and I need a divorce. And you hammered me so bad in my wife’s case that I want to hire you to get a divorce from my wife.”

No one who calls our firm wants to be calling a lawyer. They’re calling a lawyer because something’s happened in their life that means that they need our help. We love helping people. We love fighting for people. That’s what drives us, our passion for fighting for the people who don’t want to be hiring a lawyer but need to hire one.


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