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Georgia Car Accident Involving Motorcycle

In a personal injury case, we can recover your medical bills for you. If someone else injures you and you have to pay a hospital for treatment, those bills should be paid by the person who injured you. So, we will seek and recover your medical bills. We had a case one time where our client was riding on a motorcycle down a four-lane road that had a turn lane in the middle. And so, he was headed east on this four-lane road and there was a woman headed west and she pulled into that turn lane, and I don’t know whether she didn’t see our client or she thought that maybe she could get across the road in time, but what she did was turn to left directly in front of our client and his motorcycle went straight into the side of her Honda Accord. It crushed the entire right-hand side of his body. He ended up spending 59 days in the hospital because this woman just wanted to get to McDonald’s a little bit faster.

We were ultimately able to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars for him from the insurance company. High-volume law firms handle thousands of cases at a time. At the Claiborne Firm, we only represent a small number of individuals at any time. That allows us to focus on your case and allows you to have the confidence of knowing that your case is getting the attention that it deserves.


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