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Gathering Evidence For a Georgia Personal Injury Case

A lot of times in personal injury cases, unfortunately, the defense will try to hide evidence. Because we only handle a small number of cases, we see that when they’re doing it, and we force them to give us that evidence. We have had cases where defense lawyers have hidden the fact that there was a video of the incident. We’ve had cases where defense lawyers have tried to hide things like drug tests that have happened after a car wreck. We track that information down and force them to give it to us. Because those insurance companies, don’t want to give you the information that’ll help your case. You need to have us fighting for you to get that information. Once we uncover evidence that the other side has hidden, they’re much more likely to settle a case. I had a case against a major corporation where they hid the video of our client being injured. We proved in court that they hid that video. And as soon as that happened, their offer to settle the case went up by 400%.

Because we only represent a few clients at a time at the Claiborne Firm, we have the time to focus on your case, to see all the angles to put as much pressure as possible on the insurance company to settle your case and to pay you what you deserve.


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