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Cheating and Infidelity in a Georgia Divorce Case

In Georgia, if your spouse cheats on you, it affects the outcome of the case. It can change the division of marital assets. It can even affect custody. Sometimes one of the most helpful things that we have in a divorce case is the other parties, one of these. These cell phones, everybody lives their entire lives on them, and they’re rich with data. Being able to go in and get text messages, social media accounts, WhatsApp messages, and things of that nature, can be crucial in a divorce case.

We like for our clients to hire us as soon as possible so that we can go get evidence when the other side doesn’t even know that we’re looking. A lot of times we’ll hire a private investigator and have that investigator go out and document exactly what’s going on. Having that evidence, I mean, nothing substitutes for a video of somebody walking into their paramour’s house, when you’re sitting there in court. When I was right out of law school, I worked for a firm that handled just too many cases and I didn’t feel like it allowed me to be the sort of lawyer, for my clients, that I wanted to be. So when I started my law firm, the first thing that I did was put my personal cell phone number on my business card, and that’s built into the DNA of our firm. At the Claiborne Firm, we litigate the cases that matter the most.


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